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About Me

Hi! I’m a games researcher and educator. As a member of Adam Smith’s Design Reasoning Lab, I have explored searching for moments within games (like pages in a book). Outcomes so far have included a series of interviews identifying user needs for videogame moment search, a corpus of undegraduate games (forthcoming), and several videogame moment search tools.

I am also broadly interested in the social and psychological impact of games, both on players and creators. My other recent work has explored the psychological reality of procedural rhetoric, quantified the impact of in-game actions on out of game attitudes, examined the influence of virtual environments on women’s STEM motivation, and contributed to understanding the benefits of hands-on vs digital experiences. I have been inspired by the explorables community to create interactive explanations for some of my own work.

Before I was a member of DRL, I was part of the UCSC Cognitive Modeling Lab, the NASA Distributed Team Decision Making Team, and the Stanford Psychophysiology Lab.

Caricature by Talia Waltzer